Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Man Vs Quilt

Well, folks.  I'm here with some sad, sad news today.  I'm allergic to my favorite quilt.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I'm allergic to it; it makes me sick.  How can this be?


Well, since the beautiful, wonderful, snuggly quilt in question is bound and bordered in a very dark black fabric, I'm assuming I'm having a reaction to the fabric dyes used to color the cloth.  Each time I touch or use this quilt, I end up with angry red welts all over my body, focused especially on my hands.


Strangest of all, perhaps, is that I never experienced any difficulties of this sort while I was handling the fabric to make the quilt.  Bizarre, no?


Anyway.  Now I'm at a loss.  Wash it, of course, but what if the spots return?!  I worked so long and hard on this quilt-- a year, by hand!-- and it is the first and only quilt I have ever really made for myself.


Just like a teenager, it has turned on me with lightning quickness.