Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mad Scientist

Last weekend I did a few experiments. Exciting, right?

Firstly, I finally (and I mean finally) used the free motion quilting foot that I bought at the end of the summer. I'll admit, I was afraid of it. I had no idea how easy (or hard) it would be to use that thing. I could only imagine what it would be like, fighting the quilt sandwich around, dragging it through the machine, using all the muscles I could muster.

Turns out it was really easy. Must have been because I didn't have to work against the feed dogs.

Secondly (this is the real news), I designed my very own mini quilt top. As far as I'm concerned, it's gorgeous.

My inspiration came from The BooDilly on flickr (who, I discovered, has a blog). These two quilts inspired in me by their quilting motif and boldness of color. And, I agree, simpler is better.

Wonderful, right?

So I made some plans.

Then I cut some fabric and sewed it together and ended up with this.

It's not quilted yet. I've got it hanging up in the sewing room so that I can keep looking at it and make up my mind about what quilting motif to go with. Lines or arcs, that's how I'm leaning.

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  1. Hi! DIdja hafta pick a topic about which I know nothing?! Well, time for me to learn something new, huh?! Glad you're blogging :)