Monday, February 23, 2009

Holy Cow!

Two surprises:

1. Cherri of Cherry House Quilts is so graciously giving me a freebie! I won the I do quilt pattern (of her very own design). This is especially amazing because I never win anything. Also, how lucky of me to win a Cherry House pattern right when I'm inspired by the very quilts! Keep your eyes peeled for that, though mine will probably be ugly. (Not a big surprise there.)

2. I have commenters! Craziness. Ladies of the quilting blogosphere, I thank you for reading my humble blog. Oh, and Rollercoaster Teacher, too.

So, the machine is fixed-- seventy cool ones later. Apparently there was some sort of massive thread jam... When the serviceman told me that, I just sort of whistled and walked away with my head down.

I have since pieced one quilt top that is very cute. Of course, no pictures yet. Every time I think to take pictures it's just too dang dark. I'll get to that. I swear.

But, I have been working on a hand piecing project. It's turning out to be pretty beautiful. Pictures to come.

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