Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Handwork Continues

After neglecting my current embroidery block, I have rallied and finished it completely (to much delight!). Check it out.


This is Bareroots Little Stitchies #178 September. Just as with the August block (#177, of course), I made a few changes in stitching and color, and I added a few beads this time!


The tree trunk was filled using a satin stitch, and I did most of the leaves in yellow, rather than adding the light green the pattern called for. I embroidered the roof with a double feather stitch to mimic shingles (like a gingerbread house), just like I did on the August (#177) block. The apples in the foreground were satin stitched, and I added a single green bead for the stem leaves. I outlined the windows and door with the same cerulean floss I used for the house-- that color is too lovely and I had to have more! Lastly, and probably my favorite change, I used bead embroidery for the smoke plume coming out of the chimney.


See my hand for scale? All in all, I really love the way it looks. I used stabilizer this time, and thank God, because the foundation help up much better than the August (#177) block.


Summer is coming to a close, and that's bringing me down. As some of you know, I am an inner city public school teacher. The concept of heading back to work after a long relaxing summer is making me anxious. The possibility of having another terrible year is looming large in my mind.

With September comes the DQS7 swap deadline! Oh no! I hope my partner likes what I'm working on...



  1. I love your embroideries and the doll quilt is turning out lovely!

    I feel your back to school pain. I'm not a teacher but I'm dating one...he's plenty miserable right now.

  2. The embroideries are really darling and I love the colors you've put together for your doll quilt. It looks wonderful. I teach as well (though no where near as touch a job as yours) and am definitely feeling those back to school blues!

  3. Hey, Terrie! Thanks for the compliments on my embroidery (sometimes I look at them with too critical an eye).

    Good luck getting back to school... I went to work today. Ugh Ugh Ugh!