Thursday, August 20, 2009


I really wish someone would buy me this!

It's so cute. For some reason I'm all about halloween fabrics right now.


  1. Oh, I know! I don't love all the prints (not a fan of the dots or moons) but I love the swirls and bats and the rest...they're cool prints without being lame, or goofy. They're kind of Tim Burton-esq!

    And I love Halloween and just tonight I bought some coffins for my miniature winter village. Because in addition to nice families ice town has a cemetery.

    I might actually get some of these prints...I was on the fence because what am I going to do with a halloween quilt, right? But now I think it sounds cool!

  2. oh, how fun!! my kiddos would love a quilt in this!

  3. You guys are totally convincing me to buy these...

  4. My kids are already talking about Halloween and I am not ready for that! Those fabric sure are cute, though!