Sunday, September 6, 2009

Embroidery Again

All finished with Bareroots Little Stitchies #179 - October. The pumpkins are very cute and I got to try another new stitch.


I enjoyed this block, but I'm getting the feeling that something needs to be in the sky other than the moon and some smoke from the chimney. Next block, I might just add something in.

The pumpkin vines were created using the cast-on stitch I blogged about earlier. It took a little bit of practice, but I have gotten quite good at creating those little curlicues. The grassy hills were stitched with a square stitch. I did some couching to create the pumpkins and quite liked the look, as they now look like they have texture and thickness, the way a pumpkin rind does. As before, the tree trunk was filled using a satin stitch and the roof was done with feather stitch.

In case you were wondering, you can find all the patterns for this embroidery block of the month right here on the Bareroots website.

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