Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabric Crisis

Ever had a fabric crisis?

I thought for sure I would be able to finish this hexagons quilt this weekend-- after all, I'm babysitting tomorrow night, and tonight I was watching television doing hand sewing. However, as I was basting hexagons of my background fabric (Lakehouse L03035 Frosted Dots Cerise) I realize that I don't have enough fabric to finish!

Now, I knew I wouldn't have enough to make a border out of that gorgeous pink polka dot, but what a blow. I can't even finish!

Last year I ordered what I thought was the correct fabric-- turns out I have four yards of something not quite right.

Thank god Quilter's Obsession had my fabric in stock-- despite the fact it's from summer 2007.

I ordered two yards. Hopefully it's the right fabric this time. And hopefully I will get it soon so that I can finish this thing!

Edited to add: Well, shit. Now I'm not sure if I need Cerise or Cherry! The swatches both look like my fabric! HELP ME GOD.


  1. Hmm, dilemma! Order some of both cerise and cherry, and offer the one that isn't right in a giveaway. Not that you want to throw money away, but hopefully you don't need too much more?

  2. Good call on the giveaway. I probably only need about a half a yard to finish, maybe a whole yard. I just want to be done! I'm ready to put some borders on this thing and get it quilted.