Sunday, March 21, 2010



A few people have been blogging about paper piecing with hexagons this week. I know I'm not widely read, but I figured I'd chime in with a tip of my own, since I recently finished my full-sized quilt top made of 3" hexagons.

Instead of cutting your paper pieces, purchase them from They use a die-cutter and heavy card stock to cut their paper pieces. You can order all different sizes, all different shapes, and all different amounts.  Their customer service is great and they have super-fast shipping.

The great thing is, you can reuse your shapes since they are cut from such heavy paper. I ordered a package of 300 3" hexagons and spent around $20. This was plenty of hexagons and I still have them for the next quilt!

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  1. hexagons quilts are great! i have never attempted one, but someday maybe....:)