Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jem, Scout, Atticus, and Dill

50 years ago today marks the publication date of the timeless American classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.  You can read all about the history of the novel here at NPR.

Thank you, Harper Lee!  You gave us one of the most wonderful stories ever written.  I hope daily that I will find a box with chewing gum, or a pocket watch, a ball of twine, or soap figurines in a knot hole in a tree outside my house.  I can't see a wardrobe closet without calling it a chiffarobe-- and wanting to chop it up for firewood.  I never see camellias without wanting to chop off the flower heads.  In the oppressive heat of summer, I can't help but feel like "a soft teacake with frostings of sweat and sweet talcum."

If you haven't read it, read it.  If you read it a long time ago, read it.  If you reread it every year, read it.  Then come back and tell me all about your favorite part.

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