Saturday, December 31, 2011

Moving Forward

Instead of doing a big year-end post like most folks, I'm into looking forward this year.  2011 was fine, sewing-wise; I made three bed-sized quilts, lots of progress on my Aunt Millie's project, and had several small finishes.  The problem is, I didn't really do anything new, and I still have a couple unfinished and neglected projects hanging around my head.

This recent realization about my lack of sewing progress has led me to think about what I want to be doing.  There are so many answers to this question, I don't even know where to begin.  So I won't try (not here, anyway).

I recently saw 365: A Daily Creativity Journal in a bookstore and became intrigued.  I've always found the 365 projects admirable, but unapproachable.  They seem constraining and keep a punishing pace; what if you fall behind?!  But the accountability of these projects is appealing.  They set an expectation about what will be done, and when.  This is a lot different than making as you go-- it's pretty easy to leave an unfinished project in the closet for eternity, especially when there's no deadline to finish.

I'm not promising to undertake some kind of 365: Sewing challenge.  Like I said, I find those projects to be too regimented and maybe even impossible to accomplish.  Instead, I plan on setting small, manageable goals for each month of 2012.  Posting them here will give me the accountability that I appreciate and the short time line will be motivating and approachable.

Here's hoping this process will be motivating, not taxing.  Stay tuned for my January goals.

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