Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I, uh, broke my sewing machine this weekend. I mean, I must have been the one who broke it because no one else uses it and I doubt it broke itself.

Here I was quilting along, and my machine began to sew more and more slowly until it eventually stopped. I could barely turn the wheel and had to wrestle it around for about four inches of wheel-turn quilting.

It doesn't look like the needle is hitting the casing and I definitely oiled it but it still isn't functioning. The machine has power, and the needle will rise and fall for a few stitches. After that, the machine just buzzes at me.

Gotta get to that repair shop. In the mean time, if you want to buy me a replacement (in case I killed it), I'd love to have a Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Pro.

Maybe some other year...


  1. I am pretty sure mine is ready to call it quits too. Funny noises are becoming all too common lately!