Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to life, back to reality

In case you were wondering, my 10 day beach vacation was utterly sublime. I did miss my little apartment in my little city, though. A summer rainstorm is rolling in, the wind is blowing, and everything looks a little muted.

List of Projects to Finish In Order of Importance:
1. Gloria's Quilt (back from the quilter and so beautiful!)
2. French Braid Quilt
3. Grandma's Flower Garden
4. Aunt Millie's Block of the Month

List of Projects to Start:
1. Gretchen's T-Shirt Quilt
2. Various Hand Embroideries

Not to mention the doll quilt for my DQS7 super secret partner...

Speaking of hand embroidery... I found something that Crystal will love:
Vintage Fruit Dishtowels Embroidery Pattern. I almost bought them for myself today at the quilt shop... instead I bought some other Bareroots patterns, including one for an Advent Calendar. Don't laugh.

I'd show a picture of my boon, but the lack of natural light is foiling those attempts.

1 comment:

  1. I love those fruits! I especially love the scalloped boarder around the towels...I'm going to have to try that on mine! I got my embroidery transfers in the mail just before my trip and I'm so excited to get embroidering! I didn't bring any with me because I didn't think I'd have the time.

    I can't wait to see yours!