Sunday, July 5, 2009

!@#% Basting


I pieced the backing to the one block wonder quilt and then spent two hours basting it.


Of course, after I basted and the top was perfect, I turned the monster over to make sure the back was good... Not so much. It had wrinkled and puckered everywhere. Probably because I had been crawling around on it and it shifted.

So, I guess I will be re-basting at the quilt store tomorrow, instead of quilting. Alas.


  1. try the 501 spray, it rocks.

  2. It does rule. I'm interested in trying the fusible batting, but it sounds too good to be true!

  3. Painter's tape! Tape the back of the quilt down (make sure it's flat and slightly taunt but don't stretch it) then lay the batting and quilt top over it. You can still smooth the top but the back should stay in place even as you move around on top.

  4. you know... the second time around i used painter's tape to tape the backing to the floor. it all peeled up as i was crawling around and pinning. luckily a few strategically placed tapes remained, and so my quilt backing is adequately smooth.