Friday, July 3, 2009


Alright, so, finally I got Gloria's quilt top completely finished. It looks wonderful! I have a few ugly pictures to show so that all of you readers (ie, zero) can get an idea of what's going on here. Then, when it's all quilted up, I'll show the final product.


I used fabric from the Natural Effects line by Marcus Fabrics. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of my original fabric, so I had to supplement with another fabric from the Natural Effects line (same print, smaller scale) and one Al Fresco print. I used this as the border, along with a couple blender batiks.

I think it looks great.

The employees at Quilting Adventures are the bomb because they really helped me out with this quilt, from fabric choice, to layout, to teaching me how to do mitered corners! Also, that's where I took the class to learn how to do a One Block Wonder. They also let me invade their shop and use their huge tables to do my work, otherwise I'd have been sewing that huge top in this:

Tiny Apartment Workspace

I'll be basting this weekend so that I can begin quilting it on Monday.

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