Saturday, September 19, 2009

DQS7 Reveal!

My partner, Rhonda finally posted about the quilt that I made her, so now I can reveal it!

close up

finished DQS7

Each of these pictures was taken by my partner. Isn't it cute?

I really enjoyed making this quilt. In fact, I enjoyed the handwork aspect so much that I haven't moved on to any of my machine projects, yet. I'm still working only by hand.

The really cool thing? Rhonda recently started posting her Aunt Millie's Flower Garden blocks. They look amazing and they are inspiring me to work on my Aunt Millie's blocks. I'm only about a year behind on the block of the month-- shame on me-- but I've finished the first block and am working on the next, all because of her!

Still waiting to receive my quilt in the mail. Each day the mail box is woefully empty. No junk mail, no bills, no nothing. I keep hoping for one of those little slips that say I have a package, but alas. Nothing has come.


  1. I love your little quilt! I always like a nice hand work project. I'm hoping you do a tutorial for this so I can make one too!

  2. I should tutorialize this, shouldn't I? Hmmm....