Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quilted Hex Needlebook


It seems that everyone has taken The Process Pledge.  This pledge basically states that pledgers will share and discuss their process of creation, rather than just their finished products.


Usually I do talk about my process and share photos of what's in progress.  In some cases, however, I just don't feel like doing all that work to share the process-- I'd rather enjoy it!  Agree or disagree?


I finished my quilted needlebook last night.  I used a few different prints from Jessica Levitt's line Timber.  These calm colors and botanic prints have been calling to me for a while, so I decided to answer.


The patchwork cover is made of 3" paper pieced hexagons.  The book, unfolded, is about 8"x10".  In order to get this size, I needed to piece together 11 hexagons.


I quilted 1/4" inside the edge of each hexagon.  I don't like to stitch over or do heavy backstitching on quilting, so instead I pulled my bobbin thread up to the top at each starting point.  Doing this allowed me to bury the thread tails when finished, creating a nice, clean quilting motif.


After quilting I trimmed the hexagon edges to make an 8"x10" rectangle.  Then, I attached binding as I normally would, making sure to get perfectly mitered corners.  For this size quilt I only needed to cut one binding strip-- how easy!


This needlebook is really just a tiny quilt folded in half, with needles stuck into it.  I chose to make it this way, rather than with pages because of a needlebook that Amy has.  Hers doesn't have pages and I love it, so I chose that form for my needlebook.


Now I've got cute on-the-go storage for my needles!  This project was so quick and easy, I can see myself making several more as gifts or for swaps.  My only regret is that I didn't put a Jennifer Can Quilt tag on it.  Ah, well-- next time!


P.S.  This is what I was using to store my needles before; a scrap of batting with fabric stuck to it.  Sad.

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