Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prairie Chic

I've done it.  I've finally finished Alison's bee blocks.  In case you were wondering, her month was May.  I feel awful.


Alison sent us all several prints from Denyse Schmidt's recent fabric line, Hope Valley.


The fabrics themselves are so soft and thick, and they cut like butter!  The request was to make a block made of 36 2" finished patches.  She sent plenty of fabric; I was going to sew three blocks to make up for being late, but I figured I'd better just send back the scraps instead of holding this fabric hostage.


After I finished putting this task off-- you know, for months-- these blocks came together very quickly.  Much more quickly than I originally expected.  Alison asked that we press the seams open; this was the most time consuming part.


My blocks followed two color schemes-- pink and blue, and yellow, green, and blue.  That's how the fabrics grouped themselves in my eyes, and so that's how I sewed them.  It seems that everyone else is pretty much thinking the same way!


I hope Alison likes these blocks; I've made her wait long enough.   At least I got them finished before she had her baby.  If you can grow a baby faster than I can make two quilt blocks... well, that's saying something.


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