Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aunt Millie's Update

I spent some more time today working on my third Aunt Millie's Garden block.  Surprisingly, I'm making some progress!  Pardon the lack of contrast on the photo above, but that's my block.  Since taking that pictures I have appliqued the second petal into that final quadrant.

This is what my applique looks like close up.  It looks much better from far away!  Although I have appliqued what feels like a million pieces at this point, I am still not that great at it.  My curves are not always smooth, and many times my points are still extremely bulky (and sometimes not that pointy).

This block calls for 8 petals in each flower head.  I decided to combine the petals into four groups of two in order to make things simpler on myself.  This way, I trace two petals as if they were one, and applique them in place.  Because I am using different fabrics, I still have a scrappy look.  But, because I have fewer pieces, I have less concern to perfectly line the petals together, and less worry that there will be too little or too much space around the petals.

Is that cutting corners?  Is cutting corners bad?  Honestly, I think it looks just as cute, and I can't bear the thought of appliqueing 32 pointy little pieces after all those leaves.  Not to mention all the circles I have to fuss with next...

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