Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snail Trail

I finally mailed off all those old bee blocks!  Not old, really, just late.  Super, super, super late.  Some were late by several months.  I don't think I should ever participate in another bee, since I'm so bad at getting to the post office on time.


These are a couple pictures of Lesly's block for September.  She sent the cutest red and aqua prints and asked us to make a Snail Trail block.  Looks kind of complicated, right?


It was surprisingly easy to make, with the cutest four patch in the middle.  Basically, this block is made with the square in a square method-- you sew quarter-square and half-square triangles to the four patch in the middle, building the block out.  The alternation of solid and prints create the swirling effect.

I would have made Lesly an additional block with my extra triangles and fabric, but I realized that the second block would look exactly the same as the first.  In the interest of visual variety and scrappiness, I chose to save the squares for Lesly and allow her to make the remaining blocks.

Can't wait to see this quilt!

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